dramds developed an innovative, mobile GDPR application that enables organizations to maintain compliance with multiple risk and control frameworks utilizing mobile technology platforms.


  • Automatically notifies management via email when there are changes to risk and control definitions
  • Integrated risk governance reporting customized to your schedule
  • Provides automated distribution of risk and governance catalogs
  • Mobile-based photo-evidence capture
  • Handwritten in-app signature certification
  • In-app risk document upload
  • Enterprise-wide scalability
  • SOX/Basel-compliant
  • GDPR-compliant

GDPR Platform and Back-End Risk Database

  • Our application enables your staff to utilize any mobile technology (mobile phones, iPads, and laptops) to capture photo evidence using built-in cameras.
  • Bi-directional data flow between the mobile app and custom-built risk and controls database, which can also be used as an interface.

Signature Block and Email Functionality

  • The app features a signature block to attest to the control evidence and certify the risk management pack.
  • All updates to risk and governance details can be emailed to management.

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